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Some of my favourite things in this world.

} means bird
* * * means guano

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Thursday, 16 July 2009


"Hermione, Ron please listen to me. this year i dropped out from hogwarts, i can't afford the requirements for auror thing, my career as a seeker falls down and now i decide to be a scout teacher at muggle school"

hola hello i changed my bloggy layout *yeaa i stole and copied the html from hanna. a bunch of thankies to you darl!*

I don't know why, i just want to write in English. *Apologize for the messy grammar *

Yea yea everybody talks about harry potter and the half-blood prince movie. I have been waiting it for years. I used to be a potterholicfreakkiomaniac girl. When i was in elementary school, you could see the symptoms. Everytime i and my friends opened the door, i always casted 'Alomohora' spell or if we wanted to lock the door, i casted 'Colloportus!'. Then i made a long list about the spell and the functions in my school book. After those years, i turned to be a squib.

Mrs.Rowling made me i felt like a wizard anyway (in those thime).

"let's fly those planes without leviosa!"

NOW, i can't wait to watch the movie but it's not really exciting, exaggerated or something WOW feeling than the previous movies. I just checked my twitter and plurk and some friends said that the movie wasn't good enough. (Is it true?)

Yea i am not hurrying my family to watch potter and friends. Just wait the cinema isn't going to be crowded enough. While i am sitting in my house reading again the deathly hallows and practicing my spells before going to Hogwarts eh Sanur i mean.

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