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Thursday, 13 August 2009

put off your stressed head

The Headless Songstress

Caretaker would you dig two graves
One for me and one for my enemy
She whispers in my ears every night,
she saying I should just give it up


"Venus Envy" by TIKA and The Dissidents

Please welcome

TIKA and The Dissidents
(photo: Rolling Stone Indonesia)

Yeah TIKA is back! (sorry she isn't Tika Pangabean). Comes along with the Dissidents which is consisted of her husband, Susan (yes HIS name is Susan) in Bass, Okky in Drums and Lucky in Piano and Keyboard.

My first impression when my dad bought me the CD (thnks a lot Dad!) is wow I like the album packaging. Then the special thing is, the pattern of the pocket of the CD album isn't same each others. So the pattern that I have is different with yours maybe.

Yea I like the album art. Actually the design looks like usual collage but more than that, what I like is TIKA and The Dissidents appreciate the people who bought their CD. They tried to make CD album is more than a plastic case with a paper of lyrics on it. The lyrics in arranged in a notebook. Wait, a notebook? Yes because you can write on the blank papers in the back.

Okay that's the album art. So what about the music? Aha I have old TIKA CD, Defrosted Love Song. The album was so trip hop with a small touch of jazz. You can find many sad songs in it. Yea the Defrosted Love Song wasn't bad. You should play the CD when you need some relaxation.

I think, The Headless Songstress is (much) better than the Defrosted Love Song. This album is jazzier ahaha. The sound is tidier. The songs have great lyrics (the lyrics are as good as Efek Rumah Kaca's lyrics). The tunes are so hip and make you smile and thankful because you have the CD. Not only that, all music genre that I like is well mixed in this album. From jazz to folk and little bit rock. Grawl!

I love 'Red Red Cabaret', 'Tantang Tirani', 'Ol' Dirty Bastard' (feat. Anda) and 'Waltz Muram'.
Great packaging with engaging music!

photos: © Dayinta Sekar Pinasthika
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daaayy aku pinjem boleh ga kalo kamu udah selesai dengerin. baguusss

ayu paramita said...

day , I can't find ur cbox now.ehm where is it?
hehe btw thanks jg yaa , bkal sering blogwalking ksini ya day:)