Clouds and blue sky
Some of my favourite things in this world.

} means bird
* * * means guano

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Tuesday, 11 May 2010


taken from 100 Sonnets of Love by Pablo Neruda

I don't love you as if you were the salt-rose, topaz
or arrow of carnations that propagate fire:
I love you as certain dark things are loved,
secretly, between the shadow and the soul. 

I love you as the plant that doesn't bloom and carries
hidden within itself the light of those flowers,
and thanks to your love, darkly in my body
lives the dense fragrance that rises from the earth.

I love you without knowing how, or when, or from where,
I love you simply, without problems or pride:
I love you in this way because I don't know any other way of loving

but this, in which there is no I or you,
so intimate that your hand upon my chest is my hand,
so intimate that when I fall asleep it is your eyes that close.

saya tahu puisi di atas dari film The Patch Adams

rasanya ingin cepat-cepat duduk di kursi kayu itu
dengan dua cangkir latte
dikeliling para asing yang tak hirau
dan para tembok yang tak bertelinga dan bermata
dengan kopi, tak lupa dan tentu saja!

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