Clouds and blue sky
Some of my favourite things in this world.

} means bird
* * * means guano

Welcome to my visual archive of mind.


Day} * * * * * *

Monday, 9 August 2010

the ability to capture

I even can't focus to the simplest thing.
You are my auto-focus when you are standing beside me.

At that time, I focus on you only.

If you go, it feels like I have no lenses to capture everything surrounds me.
Even the simplest thing.


All I want is you.


daniawwrr said...

kak day ini bagus banget!

dayinta sekar pinasthika said...

thaankss daniaaaa!

Adine CHPS Halim said...

Kak day sweet banget sih :3

dayinta sekar pinasthika said...

aaaah kak adine lebih sweeet kaliiii :3 HAHAHAHA

Natasha Sinsoe said...

simple objeknya. tp bagus teknik lo ambil gambar. komposisinya pas juga Tik hehe.

dayinta sekar pinasthika said...

thankies nat! :)