Clouds and blue sky
Some of my favourite things in this world.

} means bird
* * * means guano

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Monday, 17 January 2011


taken by @chpstrodile with Golden Half.

Soliloquy means monologue, speak with yourself. Don't be worry if you don't have anyone to hear your stories or your weeps in the midnight train. Through the low lights of the city and the tungsten color of the cold train's lamps, please look around. Wide rectangular windows are beside you. Come closer to them. I am pretty sure someone will come to you after you're speaking with your own reflection on the window.

There's two possibilities:

1. The train officer (old, fat, lazy, annoying man, maybe?) will come towards you and ask you to stop doing your exciting soliloquy. He will ask you to sit back and not to annoy another passenger in the train. Yes maybe he will call you "Freak" or "Crazy". Anyway, finally there's someone comes to you, eh? Count this Mr.Train! (though he's not listening to you).

2. A completely stranger or an old friend. Lovely coincidence, approaching you slowly and asking,"Are you okay?" This random people may listen to your stories and your weeps if you're lucky enough. Ah, there's someone comes to you! Count this random person!


Ah I just remembered something. 


Sometimes in life when you feel you have no one to be told (or talked to) then be ready for a person that you never imagine will come to you and wanna listen you throughly.

Anyway, I suggest you to do some soliloquies nowadays. It's not a sin.

Because you need to talk to yourself. When your words spilled out from your lips, it's equivalent with you give back your own words to yourself. Look at that wide windows first then speak. Talk with yourself first then talk to someone else. 

I know it's midnight train with gloomy-oh-dark view outside the window. Bright lamps inside the train seem like you're in the bright side? Oh come on, get some windows. You will know yourself when you're soliloquist.

Get some windows.

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