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* * * means guano

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Sunday, 27 March 2011


We're going back to Jayapura/ No more pretend no pura-pura / Drinkin' to saman doye / Black Brothers all the way /
Matahari - White Shoes and the Couples Company 

I played their CD for many times. Repeated so many times. I knew this 'zadul' band when I was in Junior High. Yeah I liked them. For some certain songs only.

Then, last October, they presented their newest album and wow! Fate allows me watch their mini showcase live and free. Since that I love them really.

 I've known this band for ages but I love them just now. Where have I been?


Where have we been?

1 comment:

Nard4Reynard said...

ya bagus deh... ketemunya yang jelek-jelek dulu... jadinya yang bagus akhirnya makin ketara bagusnya... :P