Clouds and blue sky
Some of my favourite things in this world.

} means bird
* * * means guano

Welcome to my visual archive of mind.


Day} * * * * * *

Wednesday, 9 July 2014


I was finding myself in the other side of the world and perceiving my life differently.
The journey is the reward.
I, no longer accept any new-upcoming visual-art-related-or-everything-you-called-it project,
until the end of the year approximately (maybe, well, hopefully).
Don't worry, our agreed projects prior to my announcement, 
they're going to be done. They are handled by care.
Because I always finish what I've started before.
Ah, and I love to keep my words.
Further inquiries, confirmations, questions or status of our projects, 
can be obtained by sending me an email.
Dayinta Sekar Pinasthika

Jakarta, 9 July 2014