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* * * means guano

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Thursday, 18 August 2016

Places I've Been Going to by Following My Impulses

My Saturday was all about earthy colors. I and my friend, Indy were getting up on six am and impulsively going somewhere high.

Strolling around tea plantations

Paddy field
The left one is the flowering phase of the paddy. It's mature enough but not ripe enough to be harvested. The right field is ready to be harvested. The plants are 'bowing' and already filled with rice. There's an Indonesian proverb about this:
"Semakin berisi semakin merunduk" which means 
a person who is more knowledgeable or smarter is (ideally) humbler. 

The paddy field post-harvesting

Indy with her Nikon FM2n, shooting coffee tree.

Luwak's poo = luwak coffee

Rubber tapping from the pine tree.

Woods i've been going to by following my impulses

July 2016
Pentax Spotmatic F
Kodak Colorplus 200

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